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Atomically thin p-n junctions with van der Waals heterointerfaces

C.-H. Lee, G.-H. Lee, A. M. van der Zande, W. Chen, Y. Li, M. Han, X. Cui, G. Arefe, C. Nuckolls, T. F. Heinz, J. Guo, J. Hone, P. Kim  

arXiv:1403.3062, submitted [link] .


Tunable Fractional Quantum Hall Phases in Bilayer Graphene

P. Maher, L. Wang, Y. Gao, C. Forsythe, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, D. Abanin, Z. Papić, P. Cadden-Zimansky, J. Hone, P. Kim, Cory R. Dean

arXiv:1403.2112, submitted [link] .


Measurement of Collective Dynamical Mass of Dirac Fermions in Graphene

H. Yoon, C. Forsythe, L. Wang, N. Tombros, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, J. Hone, P. Kim, and D. Ham

arXiv: 1401.4240, submitted [link] .


Doping and Localization in a Spin-Orbit Coupled Mott Insulator, Sr2IrO4

J. Ravichandran, C. R. Serrao, D. K. Efetov, D. Yi, R. Ramesh, and P. Kim

arXiv:1312.7015, submitted [link] .


Tunable electronic correlation effects in nanotube-light interactions

Y. Miyauchi, Z. Zhang, M. Takekoshi, Y. Tomio, H. Suzuura, V. Perebeinos, V. V. Deshpande, C. Lu, S.

Berciaud, P. Kim, J. Hone, and T. F. Heinz

arXiv:1308.5438, submitted [link] .


Electric Field Effect Thermoelectric Transport in Individual Silicon and Germanium/Silicon Nanowire

Y. M. Brovman, J. P. Small, Y. Hu, Y. Fang, C. M. Lieber, P. Kim

arXiv:1307.0249,submitted [link] . 





Epitaxial Growth of Molecular Crystals on van der Waals Substrates for High-Performance Organic Electronics

C.-H. Lee , T. Schiros , E. J. G. Santos , B. Kim , K. G. Yager ,S. J. Kang , S. Lee , J. Yu , K. Watanabe , T. Taniguchi , J. Hone ,E. Kaxiras , C. Nuckolls, and P. Kim

Adv. Mater., DOI: 10.1002/adma.201304973 [link] .  



Weak antilocalization and conductance fluctuation in a single crystalline Bi nanowire

J. Kim, S. Lee, Y. M. Brovman, M. Kim, P. Kim and W. Lee

Appl. Phys. Lett. 104, 043105 (2014) [link] .  




One-Dimensional Electrical Contact to a Two-Dimensional Material

L. Wang, I. Meric, P. Y. Huang, Q. Gao, Y. Gao, H. Tran, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, L. M. Campos, D. A. Muller, J. Guo, P. Kim, J. Hone, K. L. Shepard, C. R. Dean

 Science 342, 614-617 (2013) [link] .



The Role of Surface Oxygen in the Growth of Large Single-Crystal Graphene on Copper

Y. Hao, M. S. Bharathi, L. Wang, Y. Liu, H. Chen, S. Nie, X. Wang, H. Chou, C. Tan, B. Fallahazad, H. Ramanarayan, C. W. Magnuson, E. Tutuc, B. I. Yakobson, K. F. McCarty, Y.-W. Zhang, P. Kim, J. Hone, L. Colombo, R. S. Ruoff

Science 342, 720-723 (2013) [link] .



Flexible and Transparent MoS2 Field-Effect Transistors on Hexagonal Boron Nitride-Graphene Heterostructures

G.-H. Lee, Y. –J. Yu, X. Cui, N. Petrone, C.-H. Lee, M. S. Choi, D. –Y. Lee, C. Lee, W. J. Yoo, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, C. Nuckolls, P. Kim, and J. Hone

ACS Nano 7, 7931-7936 (2013) [link] .



Direct Imaging of Charged Impurity Density in Common Graphene Substrates

K. M. Burson, W. G. Cullen, S. Adam, C. R. Dean, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, P. Kim, and M. S. Fuhrer

 Nano Lett. 13, 3576−3580 (2013) [link]  .



Nanoscale Atoms in Solid-State Chemistry

X. Roy, C-H. Lee, A. C. Crowther, C. L. Schenck, T. Besara, R. A. Lalancette, T. Siegrist, P. W. Stephens, L. E. Brus, P. Kim, M. L. Steigerwald, and C. Nuckolls

Science, 347, 157-160 (2013) [link] .



Hofstadter's butterfly in moire superlattices: A fractal quantum Hall effect

C. R. Dean, L. Wang, P. Maher, C. Forsythe, F. Ghahari, Y. Gao, J. Katoch, M. Ishigami, P. Moon, M. Koshino, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, K. L. Shepard, J. Hone, and P. Kim

Nature, 497, 598-602 (2013) [link] .



Electrically integrated SU-8 clamped graphene drum resonators for strain engineering

S. Lee, C. Chen, V. V. Deshpande, G.-H. Lee, I. Lee, M. Lekas, A. Gondarenko, Y.-J. Yu, K. Shepard,

P. Kim, and J. Hone,

Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 153101 (2012) [link] .   



Evidence for a spin phase transition at charge neutrality in bilayer graphene

P. Maher, C. R. Dean, A. F. Young, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, K. L. Shepard, J. Hone, and P. Kim 

Nature Physics, 9, 154-158 (2013) [link] . 



Controlled charge trapping by molybdenum disulphide and graphene in ultrathin heterostructured memory devices

M. S. Choi, G.-H. Lee, Y.-J. Yu, D.-Y. Lee, S. H. Lee, P. Kim, J. Hone, and W. J. Yoo

Nature Comm. 4, 1624 (2013) [link] .




Single-Gate Bandgap Opening of Bilayer Graphene by Dual Molecular Doping

J. Park, S. B. Jo, Y.-J. Yu, Y. Kim, J. W. Yang, W. H. Lee, H. H. Kim, B. H. Hong, P. Kim, K. Cho, and K. S. Kim

Adv. Mater. 24, 407-441. [link] .



All-optical structure assignment of individual single-walled carbon nanotubes from Rayleigh and Raman scattering measurements

S. Berciaud, V. V. Deshpande, R. Caldwell, Y. Miyauchi, C. Voisin, P. Kim, J. Hone, and T. F. Heinz

Phys. Stat. Sol.(b) 249, 2436-2441. [link] .



Renormalization of the Graphene Dispersion Velocity Determined from Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy

J. Chae, S. Jung, A. F. Young, C. R. Dean, L. Wang, Y. Gao, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, J. Hone, K. L. Shepard, P. Kim, N. B. Zhitenev, and J. A. Stroscio

Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 116802 (2012) [link] .



Graphene Based Heterostructures

C. Dean, A.F. Young, L. Wang, I. Meric, G.-H. Lee, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, K. Shepard, P. Kim, J. Hone

Solid State Communications 152, 1275-1282 (2012) [link] .



Connecting Dopant Bond Type with Electronic Structure in N-Doped Graphene

T. Schiros, D. Nordlund, L. Pálová, D. Prezzi, L. Zhao, K. S. Kim, U. Wurstbauer, C. Gutiérrez, D. Delongchamp, C. Jaye, D. Fischer, H. Ogasawara, L. G. M. Pettersson, D. R. Reichman, P. Kim, M. S. Hybertsen, and A. N. Pasupathy

Nano Lett. 12, 2408−2413 (2012) [link]  .



Electronic compressibility of gapped bilayer graphene

A. F. Young, C. R. Dean, I. Meric, S. Sorgenfrei, H. Ren, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, J. Hone, K.L. Shepard, and P. Kim

Phys. Rev. B 85, 235458 (2012)  [link]  .



Tailoring Electrical Transport Across Grain Boundaries in Polycrystalline Graphene

A. W. Tsen, L. Brown, M. P. Levendorf, F. Ghahari, P. Y. Huang, R. W. Havener, C. S. Ruiz-Vargas, D. A. Muller, P. Kim, and J. Park

Science, 336, 1143–1146 (2012) [link] . 



Graphene Barristor, a Triode Device with a Gate-Controlled Schottky Barrier

H. Yang, J. Heo, S. Park, H. J. Song, D. H. Seo, K.-E. Byun, P. Kim, I. Yoo, H.-J. Chung, and K. Kim

Science, 336, 1140-1143 (2012) [link] . 



Large Physisorption Strain in Chemical Vapor Deposition of Graphene on Copper Substrates

R. He, L. Zhao, N. Petrone, K. S. Kim, M. Roth, J. Hone, P. Kim, A. Pasupathy and A. Pinczuk

Nano Lett. 12, 2408−2413 (2012) [link] . 



Terahertz detection mechanism and contact capacitance of individual metallic singlewalled carbon nanotubeshene

J. D. Chudow, D. F. Santavicca, C.B. McKitterick, D. E. Prober, and P. Kim

Appl. Phys. Lett., 100, 163503 (2012) [link] . 



Spin and valley quantum Hall ferromagnetism in graphene

A. F. Young, C. R. Dean, L. Wang, H. Ren, P. Cadden-Zimansky, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, J. Hone, K.L. Shepard, and P. Kim

Nature Physics, 8, 553-556 (2012) [link] . 



Magnetoresistance Measurements of Graphene at the Charge Neutrality Point

Y. Zhao, P. Cadden-Zimansky, F. Ghahari, and P. Kim

Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 106804 (2012) [link] .



Water-Gated Charge Doping of Graphene Induced by Mica Substrates

J. Shim, C. H. Lui, T. Y. Ko, Y.-J. Yu, P. Kim, T. F. Heinz, and S. Ryu

Nano Letters. 12, 648 (2012) [link] .




Low Bias Electron Scattering in Structure-Identified Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes: Role of Substrate Polar Phonons

B. Chandra, V. Perebeinos, S. Berciaud, J. Katoch, M. Ishigami, P. Kim, T. Heinz, and J. Hone

Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 146601 (2011) [link] .



Electron tunneling through atomically flat and ultrathin hexagonal boron nitride

G.-H. Lee, Y.-J. Yu, C. Lee, C. Dean, K. L. Shepard, P. Kim, and J. Hone

Appl. Phys. Lett. 99, 243114 (2011) [link] .



High-resolution spatial mapping of the temperature distribution of a Joule self-heated graphene nanoribbon

Y. –J. Yu, M. Y. Han, S. Berciaud, A. B. Georgescu, T. F. Heinz, L. E. Brus, K. S. Kim, and P. Kim

Appl. Phys. Lett. 99, 183105 (2011) [link] .




Multiband Transport in Bilayer Graphene at High Carrier Densities

D. K. Efetov, P. Maher, S. Glinskis, and P. Kim

Phys. Rev. B 84, 161412 (R) [link] .



Multicomponent fractional quantum Hall effect in graphene

C. R. Dean, A. F. Young, P. Cadden-Zimansky, L. Wang, H. Ren, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, P. Kim, J. Hone, K.L. Shepard

Nature Physics, 7, 693 (2011) [link] .



Inking Elastomeric Stamps with Micro-Patterned, Single Layer Graphene to Create High-Performance OFETs

S. J. Kang, B. Kim, K. S. Kim, Y. Zhao, Z. Chen, G. H. Lee, J. Hone, P. Kim, and C. Nuckolls

Advanced Materials 23, 3531 (2011) [link] .



Raman Spectroscopy of Lithographically Patterned Graphene Nanoribbons

S. Ryu, J. Maultzsch, M. Y. Han, P. Kim, and L. E. Brus

ACS Nano 5, 4123 (2011) [link] .



Making angle-resolved photoemission measurements on corrugated monolayer crystals:

Suspended exfoliated single-crystal graphene

K. R. Knox, A. Locatelli, M. B. Yilmaz, D. Cvetko, T. O. Mentes, M. Angel Nino, P. Kim, A. Morgante, and R. M. Osgood Jr.

Phys. Rev. B 84, 115401 (2011) [link] . 



Visualizing Individual Nitrogen Dopants in Monolayer Graphene

L. Zhao, R. He, K. T. Rim, T. Schiros, K. S. Kim, H. Zhou, C. Gutiérrez, S. P. Chockalingam, C. J. Arguello,

L. Pálová, D. Nordlund, M. S. Hybertsen, D. R. Reichman, T. F. Heinz, P. Kim, A. Pinczuk, G. W. Flynn,

and Abhay N. Pasupathy,

Science, 333, 999–1003 (2011) [link] .



Nanocrystalline Graphite Growth on Sapphire by Carbon Molecular Beam Epitaxy

S. K. Jerng, D. S. Yu, Y. S. Kim, J. Ryou, S. Hong, C. Kim, S. Yoon, D. K. Efetov, P. Kim, and S. H. Chun

J. Phys. Chem. C, 115, 4491–4494 (2011) [link]  . 



Bolometric and nonbolometric radio frequency detection in a metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes  D. F. Santavicca, J. D. Chudow, D. E. Prober, M. S. Purewal, and P. Kim

Appl. Phys. Lett., 98, 223503 (2011) [link] . 



Single-layer graphene cathodes for organic photovoltaics

M. Cox, A. Gorodetsky, B. Kim, K. S. Kim, Z. Jia, P. Kim, C. Nuckolls, and I. Kymissis   

Appl. Phys. Lett., 98, 123303 (2011) [link] . 



Channel Length Scaling in Graphene Field-Effect Transistors Studied with Pulsed Current−Voltage Measurements

I. Meric, C. R. Dean, A. F. Young, N. Baklitskaya, N. J. Tremblay, C. Nuckolls, P. Kim, and K. L. Shepard   

Nano Letters, 11, 1093-1097 (2011) [link] . 



Synthesis and Electrical Characterization of Magnetic Bilayer Graphene Intercalate

N. Kim, K. S. Kim, N. Jung, L. E. Brus, and P. Kim  

Nano Letters, 11, 860-865 (2011) [link] . 



Landau level Collapse in Gated Graphene Structures

N. Gu, M. Rudner, A. Young, P. Kim and L. Levitov

Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 066601 (2011) [link] .



Label-free single-molecule detection of DNA hybridization kinetics with a carbon nanotube field-effect transistor

S. Sorgenfrei, C. Chiu, R. L. Gonzalez, Jr, Y. Yu, P. Kim, C. Nuckolls and K. L. Shepard

Nature Nanotechnology 6, 126 (2011) [link] .  



Measurement of the n = 1/3 fractional quantum Hall energy gap in suspended graphene

F. Ghahari, Y. Zhao, P. Cadden-Zimansky, K. Bolotin, P. Kim

Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 046801 (2011) [link] .





Radio frequency electrical transduction of graphene mechanical resonators

Y. Xu, C. Chen, V. V. Deshpande, F. A. DiRenno, A. Gondarenko, D. B. Heinz, S. Liu, P. Kim, J. Hone

Appl. Phys. Lett, 97, 243111 (2010) [pdf]



Controlling electron-phonon interactions in graphene at ultra high carrier densities

Dmitri K. Efetov and P. Kim

Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 256805 (2010) [pdf]



Atmospheric Oxygen Binding and Hole Doping in Deformed Graphene on a SiO2 Substrate

S. Ryu, L. Liu, S. Berciaud, Y. –J. Yu, H. Liu, P. Kim, G. W. Flynn and L. E. Brus 

Nano Letters, 10, 4944-4951 (2010) [pdf] 



Raman Enhancement on Graphene: Adsorbed and Intercalated Molecular Species

N. Jung, A. C. Crowther, N. Kim, P. Kim, and L. E. Brus

ACS Nano 4 (11), 7005-7013 (2010) [pdf] 



Multilayer graphene grown by precipitation upon cooling of nickel on diamond

J. M. Garcia, R. He, M. P. Jiang, P. Kim, K. Baldwin, L. N. Pfeiffer and A. Pinczuk

Carbon 49, 1006-1012 (2010). [pdf]



Observation of Magnetophonon Resonance of Dirac Fermions in Graphite

J. Yan, S. Goler, T. D. Rhone, M. Han, R. He, P. Kim, V. Pellegrini, and A. Pinczuk

Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 227401 (2010) [pdf]



Energy loss of the electron system in individual single-walled carbon nanotubes

D. F. Santavicca, J. D. Chudow, D. E. Prober, M. S. Purewal, and P. Kim

Nano Letters, 10, 4538-4543 (2010) [pdf] 



Boron nitride substrates for high quality graphene electronics

C.R.Dean, A.F.Young, I. Meric, C.Lee, L.Wang, S.Sorgenfrei, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, P. Kim, K.L. Shepard, and J. Hone

Nature Nanotechnology 5, 722 (2010) [pdf]  [supplementary material]



Graphene: Across the border

P. Kim

Nature Materials 9, 792 (2010) [pdf]



Quantum oscillations observed in graphene at microwave frequencies

P. Jiang, A. F. Young, W. Chang, P. Kim, L. W. Engel, and D. C. Tsui

Appl. Phys. Lett, 97, 062113 (2010) [pdf]



Corrugation in Exfoliated Graphene: An Electron Microscopy and Diffraction Study

A. Locatelli, K. R. Knox, D. Cvetko, T. O. Mentes¸ M. A. Nin, S. Wang, M. B. Yilmaz, P. Kim, R. M. Osgood, Jr., and A. Morgante

ACS Nano 4 (8), 4879–4889 (2010) [pdf]



Diameter Dependence of the Transport Properties of Antimony Telluride Nanowires

Yuri M. Zuev, Jin Seok Lee, Clment Galloy, Hongkun Park, and Philip Kim

Nano Letters, 10 (8), 3037–3040 (2010) [pdf]



Electron and optical phonon temperatures in electrically biased graphene

S. Berciaud, M. Y. Han, L. E. Brus, P. Kim, and T. F. Heinz

Phys. Rev. Lett., 104, 227401 [pdf]



Multilayer graphene films grown by molecular beam deposition

J. M. Garcia, R. He, M. P. Jiang, J. Yan, A. Pinczuk, Y. M. Zuev, K. S. Kim,  P. Kim, K. Baldwin, K. W. West and L. N. Pfeiffer

Solid State Communications 150, 809-811 (2010). [pdf]



Interaction-induced shift of the cyclotron resonance in graphene using infrared spectroscopy

E. A. Henriksen, P. Cadden-Zimansky, Z. Jiang, Z. Q. Li, L.-C. Tung, M. E. Schwartz, M. Takita, Y.-J. Wang, P. Kim, H. L. Stormer

Phys. Rev. Lett., 104, 067404 [pdf]



Symmetry breaking of the zero energy Landau level in bilayer graphene 

Y. Zhao, P. Cadden-Zimansky, Z. Jiang, and P.Kim

Phys. Rev. Lett., 104, 066801 (2010)  [pdf]



Electron Transport in Disordered Graphene Nanoribbons

Melinda Y. Han, Juliana C. Brant, Philip Kim

Phys. Rev. Lett., 104, 056801 (2010)  [pdf]





Optical phonon mixing in bilayer graphene with a broken inversion symmetry

J. Yan, T. Villarson, E. A. Henriksen, P. Kim and A. Pinczuk

Phys. Rev. B, 80, 241417(R) (2009) [pdf]



Charge Transfer Chemical Doping of Few Layer Graphenes: Charge Dirstribution and Band Gap Formation

N. Jung, N. Kim, S. Jockusch, N. Turro, P. Kim and L. Brus

Nano Letters, 9 (12), 4133-4137 (2009) [pdf]



Performance of Monolayer Graphene Nanomechanical Resonators with Electrical Readout

C. Chen, S. Rosenblatt, K. I. Bolotin, W. Kalb, P. Kim, I. Kymissis, H. L. Stormer, T. F. Heinz, J. Hone

Nature Nanotechnology, 4, 861-867 (2009) [pdf]



Observation of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in Graphene

Kirill I. Bolotin, Fereshte Ghahari, Michael D. Shulman, Horst L. Stormer, Philip Kim

Nature 462, 196-199 (2009)  [pdf]  [supplementary material]



Tuning the graphene work function by electric field effect 

Y.-J. Yu, Y. Zhao, S. Ryu, L. E. Brus, K. S. Kim and P. Kim

Nano Letters, 9 (10), 3430-3434 (2009) [pdf]



Near-field focusing and magnification through self-assembled nanoscale spherical lenses

J. Y. Lee, B. H. Hong, W. Y. Kim, S. K. Min, Y. Kim, M. V. Jouravlev,  R. Bose, K. S. Kim, I. Hwang, L. J. Kaufman, C. W. Wong, P. Kim & K. S. Kim

Nature 460, 498-501 (2009) [pdf]



Thermal probing of energy dissipation in current-carrying carbon nanotubes

L. Shi, J. Zhou, P. Kim, A. Bachtold, A. Majumdar and P. L. McEuen

Journal of Applied Physics 105, 104306 (2009) [pdf]



Molecular-Scale Quantum Dots from Carbon Nanotube Heterojunctions

B. Chandra, J. Bhattacharjee, M. Purewal, Y.-W. Son, Y. Wu, M. Huang, H. Yan, T. F. Heinz, P. Kim, J. B. Neaton and J. Hone

Nano Letters, 9 (4), 1544-1548 (2009) [pdf]



Thermoelectric and magnetothermoelectric transport measurements of graphene

Y. M. Zuev, W. Chang and P. Kim

Phys. Rev. Lett.  102, 096807 (2009) [pdf]



Quantum interference and carrier collimation in graphene heterojunctions

A. F. Young and P. Kim

Nature Physics 5, 222-226 (2009) [pdf] [Supplementary Information]



Large-scale pattern growth of graphene films for stretchable transparent electrodes

K. S. Kim, Y. Zhao, H. Jang, S. Y. Lee, J. M. Kim, K. S. Kim, J. H. Ahn, P. Kim, J. Choi, and B. H. Hong

Nature, 457, 706 (2009) [pdf]



Band Structure Asymmetry of Bilayer Graphene Revealed by Infrared Spectroscopy

Z. Q. Li, E. A. Henriksen, Z. Jiang, Z. Hao, M. C. Martin, P. Kim, H. L. Stormer, and D. N. Basov

Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 037403 (2009) [pdf]



Thermoelectric power measurements of wide band gap semiconducting nanowires

C. Lee, G. Yi, Y. M. Zuev, and  P. Kim

Appl. Phys. Lett, 94, 022106 (2009) [pdf]



Observation of graphene bubbles and Effective mass transport under graphene films

E. Stolyarova, D. Stolyarov, K. Bolotin, S. Ryu, L. Liu, K. T. Rim, M. Klima, M. Hybertsen, I. Pogorelsky, I. Pavlishin, K. Kusche, J. Hone, P. Kim, H. L. Stormer, V. Yakimenko, and G. Flynn

Nano Letters, 9, 332 (2009) [pdf]





Reversible Basal Plane Hydrogenation of Graphene

S. Ryu, M. Y. Han, J. Maultzsch, T. F. Heinz, P. Kim, M. L. Steigerwald, and L. E. Brus

Nano Letters, 8, 4597 (2008) [pdf]



Current saturation in zero-bandgap, top-gated graphene field-effect transistors

I. Meric, M. Y. Han, A. F. Young, B. Oezyilmaz, P. Kim and K. Shepard

Nature Nanotechnology, 3, 654 (2008) [pdf]



Spectromicroscopy of single and multilayer graphene supported by a weakly interacting substrate

K. R. Knox, S. Wang, A. Morgante, D. Cvetko, A. Locatelli, T. O. Mentes, M. A. Nino, P. Kim and R. Osgood

Phys. Rev. B., 78, 201408 (R) (2008) [pdf]



Observation of Anomalous Phonon Softening in Bilayer Graphene

J. Yan, E. A. Henriksen, P. Kim, and A. Pinczuk

Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 136804 (2008) [pdf]



Temperature dependent transport in suspended graphene

K. Bolotin, K. J. Sikes, J. Hone, H. L. Stormer, and P. Kim

Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 096802 (2008)  [pdf]



Dirac charge dysnmics in graphene by infrared spectroscopy

Z. Q. Li, E. A. Henriksen, Z. Jiang, Z. Hao, M. C. Martin, P. Kim, H. L. Stormer, D. N. Basov

Nature Physics 4, 532-535 (2008)  [pdf]



Ultrahigh electron mobility in suspended graphene

K. I. Bolotin, K. J. Sikes, Z. Jiang, G. Fundenberg, J. Hone, P. Kim, and H. L. Stormer

Solid State Communications 146, 351-355 (2008). [pdf]



Carbon Wonderland
A. K. Geim and P. Kim
Scientific American 298 (4), 68-75 (2008) 



Cyclotron Resonance in Bilayer Graphene

E. A. Henriksen, Z. Jiang, L. –C. Tung, M. E. Schwartz, M. Takita, Y.-J. Wang,  P. Kim, and H. L. Stormer

Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 087403 (2008)  [pdf]





Measurement of Scattering Rate and Minimum Conductivity in Graphene

Y. –W. Tan, Y. Zhang, K. Bolotin, Y. Zhao, S. Adam, E. H. Hwang, S. Das Sarma, H. L. Stormer, and P. Kim

Phys. Rev. Lett. 99, 246803 (2007)  [pdf]



Electronic transport in locally gated graphene nanoconstrictions

B. Oezyilmaz, P. Jarillo-Herrero, D. Efetov, and P. Kim

Appl. Phys. Lett.  91, 192107 (2007)  [pdf]



Electronic transport and quantum Hall effect in bipolar graphene p-n-p junctions

B. Oezyilmaz, P. Jarillo-Herrero, D. Efetov, D. Abanin, L. S. Levitov, and P. Kim

Phys. Rev. Lett, 99, 166804 (2007)  [pdf]



Quantum Hall States near the Charge Neutral Dirac Point in Graphene

Z. Jiang, Y. Zhang, H. L. Stormer, and P. Kim

Phys. Rev. Lett.. 99, 106802 (2007) [pdf]



Temperature Dependent Electron Transport in Graphene

Y. –W. Tan, Y. Zhang, H. L. Stormer, and P. Kim

Eur. Phys. J. 148, 15 (2007)  [pdf]



High-Resolution Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Imaging of Mesoscopic Graphene Sheets on an Insulating Surface

E. Stolyarova, K. T. Rim, S. Ryu, J. Maultzsch, P. Kim, L. E. Brus, T. F. Heinz, M. S. Hybertsen, and G. W. Flynn

Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA 104, 9209-9212 (2007). [pdf]



Energy Band Gap Engineering of Graphene Nanoribbons

M. Y. Han, B. Oezyilmaz, Y. Zhang, and P. Kim,

Phys. Rev. Lett, 98, 206805 (2007) [pdf]



Quantum Hall effect in graphene

Z. Jiang, Y. Zhang, Y. –W. Tan, H. L. Stormer, and P. Kim

Solid State Communications 143, 14-19 (2007). [pdf]



Raman scattering and tunable electron-phonon coupling in single layer graphene

J. Yan, Y. Zhang, S. Goler, P. Kim, and A. Pinczuk

Solid State Communications 143, 29-43 (2007). [pdf]



Infrared spectroscopy of Landau levels in graphene

Z. Jiang, E. A. Henriksen, L. C. Tung, Y. –J. Wang, M. E. Schwartz, M. Y. Han, P. Kim, and H. L. Stormer,

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